Master Jeweler

At Farah Jewelers we have a Master Goldsmith who is on-site in the stores. This means that your precious item that you need repaired is done on premises. Repairing your jewelry can take as little as one day to as long as one week, just depending on the complexity or intricacy of your jewelry. Our Master Jeweler provides a level of perfection rarely achieved.

Laser Technology

Farah Jewelers is proud to offer our Laser repair services to our customers. Offering far more precision and accuracy than traditional repair methods, our laser system allows us to weld pieces that need to be repaired. This allows our master goldsmith to work with heat-sensitive metals and stones that traditionally are hard or impossible to work with. Our state of the are equipment allows us to provide you with the best work the industry has to offer.


Custom Design

Leonid Jeweler Laser smaller 176x205 1At Farah Jewelers we also offer custom design services. If you can imagine it, we can make it for you. Our process starts when you make an appointment with one of our Jewelers. We work with you in a collaborative process that allows your design to come to life.

Then we have a CAD image of your design made so that you can see it in three dimensions before we make it for you. Next is casting you design in wax. This is the last chance to make any changes to the piece before cast ti in metal for you.

And Finally, we cast your design in your metal of choice. All said and done the whole process takes 8 weeks to bring your dream to reality.

To set an appointment or get a price for a repair, please either send us a detailed message or call the location most convenient for you.