Gold Exchange

Gold is a very valuable metal, and two factors are used when evaluating an article of gold: the purity or amount of gold in the item, and the weight of the gold. The price of gold is determined by the most current stock market value for the supply and demand of gold.

The purity in an article of gold is determined by a unit called a karat. A higher karat value translates into a higher gold purity in an item. When a Farah Jewelers customer asks for an evaluation, each gold piece will be carefully examined. We have experienced jewelry appraisers who will use the most up-to-date and accurate digital equipment to examine the gold. The assessment will be done in front of the customer to ensure completely honest dealing. Once the karat is determined, the gold item will be weighed and a price will be determined based on current market value.

After evaluating an item and determining its karat, weight, and the current market value of gold, we give the customer cash for the gold.

Our prices are dictated by market value and a set percentage. At Farah Jewelers, we do not deceive our customers with hidden fees or arbitrary prices; our prices are honest, competitive, and based on the actual value of gold.Contact Us Today For Your Free Estimate!

For top dollar for your gold, give us a call and let our team of professionals give you cash on the spot! We invite you to become one of our many satisfied and devoted clients. We’ll treat you like we would like to be treated!