Farah Jewelers offers an extensive collection of loose diamonds in all three of our Central Ohio stores. Farah Jewelers sources our quality diamonds from all around the world. All of our diamonds have been obtained through ethical means and comply with the current standards set forth by the Kimberly Process and are guaranteed to be conflict free. You can use our diamond search tool by scrolling down towards the bottom of this page.

Color, clarity, carat, and cut can all influence how beautiful a diamond is as well as how much it cost. What most consumers don’t know is that each of the four C’s has a different level of impact on price as well as beauty. For more information on this subject check out our four C’s diamond page.Loose Diamonds at Farah Jewelers

It’s because of these differences that Farah Jewelers focuses on the most important aspect of the diamond, how well it is cut. We specialize in finding the most beautiful ideal cut diamonds on the market and bringing them to our Columbus and Zanesville consumers at an equally beautiful price. Our signature ideal cut diamonds are cut by some of the best diamond cutters in the world and are sure to impress even the most critical viewer.

Not only do we guarantee the best diamond values, but that our diamonds are exactly what we say they are. To prove it, our diamonds are accompanied by a certificate from one of the three most prestigious independent laboratories in the world, GIA, EGL, and AGS. A certificate offers the peace of mind necessary to purchase something of endearing value such as a diamond. The certificate is sometimes considered to be the fifth C when purchasing a diamond, and a diamond which has one will be far more valuable than one which is only accompanied by a summation of appraisal or certificate of appraisal.

To make an appointment, please click on the Contact Us page to get in touch with us. Be sure to include your name, telephone number, approximate time you will be arriving, and what type or quality of diamond you are interested in. You can also stop by our convenient store locations. We are in Columbus at Polaris Mall, Tuttle Mall and in Zanesville at Colony Square Mall.